3 Ways To Add A Custom Touch To Leather Halters For Horses

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A horse's leather halter will typically feature a design that fits snugly over a horse's head and jaw. While many leather halters feature a similar design, you can find ways to make your halter stand out and add a unique touch to your horse. As you shop for horse supplies online, check out some of the unique ways to add a custom touch to leather halters.

1. Custom Engraved Nameplate

You can order a halter that features a brass nameplate securely attached across the side of the halter. The nameplate could serve many uses. For example, you may use the nameplate for identification purposes if your horse ever escapes. The nameplate could include the name of the horse and extra details like the home address.

If you go to events, then the nameplate could serve ceremonial purposes. For example, you could have the horse's name engraved on the nameplate along with any previous accolades like when the horse won a race or certain shows.

You could purchase multiple halters with different nameplates to help serve each purpose and fit your needs.

2. Sheepskin Covered Halter

In some cases, a horse may suffer through irritation when they wear a leather halter. The leather could dig into a horse's skin or cause discomfort. You could provide extra cushioning with the purchase and use of a sheepskin-covered halter. The thick sheepskin adds some comfort and warmth for a horse who wears it.

The sheepskin comes in a natural white, or you could purchase one with dyed black sheepskin that blends into the horse more. A sheepskin halter can also match other accessories you use with your horse. For example, you may purchase a Western saddle with a sheepskin base that matches the halter design.

3. Colorful Leather Halters

While many of the leather halters come in brown, tan, or black, you can add some pops of color to your horse with colored leather designs. Colored leather includes dyed options like bright red, bright blue, or pink. You can pick a color that matches your horse's personality and have fun alternatives to choose from when you take your horse out.

A colored halter can add a fun touch anytime you want to go out and take pictures of your horse as well. The horse may not wear the colored halter every time, but it does add a special touch and could be a part of your halter collection.

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