Finding The Right Supplies

4 Doggy Supplies To Have On Hand Before Bringing Home A Beagle Puppy

With an adorably irresistible set of puppy-dog eyes and long, droopy ears, beagle puppies are hard to resist bringing home as a pet. Before you get carried away and snatch up a puppy to snuggle and call your own, there are a few doggy supplies you should have on hand at home. Be ready to […]

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Getting Tanked: Custom Aquarium Designers That Create Fantastic Tanks For Your Bar

If you have never seen an episode of the cable TV reality show, Tanked, you are missing out on some of the most incredible fish tanks ever made. The tanks these guys custom design and build wrap around themes, shapes and favorite things belonging to the clients that request them. With the onslaught of “live mermaid” […]

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3 Often-Overlooked Pet Supplies For First-Time Parrot Owners

If you’re the first-time owner of a pet parrot, you’ll want to find a pet store that sells supplies for birds and exotics. While the staples such as food, snacks and cages are a given, parrots need stimulating activities and toys, as well as a place to play outside the cage. Here are a few […]

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