4 Reasons To Prioritize A Floor-To-Ceiling Cat Scratcher For Your House

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In a multi-cat household, you may find that you are never finished shopping for them. For instance, you may find furniture, toys, and treats for them while shopping around, especially around the holidays. When you already have several cat scratches in your house, you may want to go outside the box to provide your cats with something new and exciting enough to use.

A floor-to-ceiling cat scratcher is an excellent addition to your home, especially when you learn about the benefits and know what qualities to prioritize.


Many cat scratchers are lower to the ground and still serve their purpose of providing a place for your cats to scratch. However, you will provide comfort to your cats with a cat scratcher that goes all the way to the ceiling because they can spend time on the perches near the top.

Instinct is a major reason why cats like high places. So, while your other scratchers may provide scratching, you can get even more from a scratcher that stretches to the ceiling.


Playing with your cats is a reliable way to give them the exercise and physical stimulation they need to feel worn out by the day's end. Another option is to provide them with furniture that encourages them to exercise. A floor-to-ceiling cat scratcher does just that because it requires your cats to go from the floor to the ceiling to enjoy scratching and relaxing at the top.


While you may feel comfortable using tall cat trees, you might feel a little hesitant about the safety of a floor-to-ceiling cat scratcher. One option is to choose USA-made scratchers because these do not go through overseas transportation where parts can get damaged.

When looking at designs, you may want to prioritize perches with lips to prevent your cats from falling off the edge if they happen to fall asleep.


This kind of scratcher is an excellent source of stimulation for your cats. For instance, your cats can go to the top and see everything clearly. Put the scratcher in your living room so that your cats can watch your family, friends, and relatives spending time together. Another option is to put the scratcher along a floor-to-ceiling window to give them a great view outside.

Ensuring your cats are happy, healthy, and stimulated may be an ongoing goal and responsibility of yours. Getting a floor-to-ceiling scratcher can prove to help greatly.

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