Have A Dog With A Strong Bite? Antler Dog Chews Last Longer Than Bones & Typical Chew Toys

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Dogs like to bite and chew on toys. Certain dog breeds, however, have such strong jaws that they are able to completely destroy typical chew toys, as well as their owner's slippers and furniture. Many people are aware that dog breeds like pit bulls, German shepherds, rottweilers, and English mastiffs have very strong jaws. However, the dog breed with the strongest bite is the Kangal shepherd, which has a bite force of 743 pounds per square inch. 

Fortunately, there is one type of chew toy that Kangals and other dogs with strong jaws will have difficulty destroying—antler dog chews. Here's what you need to know about antler dog chews for your strong-jawed dog.  

Why are antler dog chews better than other chew toys? 

Antler dog chews are less likely to splinter or chip than bones and rawhide chew toys. Antler dog chews are actually calcified antlers that have naturally shed off of deer, moose, and elk. The calcification of the antlers makes them completely solid and dense, which makes them similar to bones. Since dogs have a natural instinct to chew on bones, antlers are a perfect and safe alternative. 

In addition to being difficult to destroy within minutes, antlers dog chews have other benefits. They are odor free and non-toxic. They also provide an effective way for your dog to clean their teeth, so you won't have to try to scrub their teeth with a toothbrush, which can be difficult if they don't cooperate. 

How can you find the right antler dog chews for your dog? 

Choosing the right size for your strong-jawed dog is important. Large dogs, such as the Kangal and other shepherd breeds will need large antler dog chews. You can find antler dog chews at your local pet stores and through online retailers. Most online retailers have lists of suggested antler sizes based on various dog breeds. Be sure to choose antler dog chews that are appropriate for the adult size of your dog's breed if your dog is still a young pup. The reason for this is because antlers can last a long time.

In your search, you will find that some antlers come in various meat and fish flavors, which can help interest your dog in gnawing and biting away at the toy. Choose several in different flavors to find one that your dog prefers or to give it a variety, so it doesn't become bored.