Dogs With Seizures

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If you have a dog that suffers from seizures, then you should educate yourself on the best way to deal with the condition. There will be some things you will have to change around the house, as well as with your habits regarding the regular care of your dog. You will also want to make sure you have them treated to the extent that is possible. The information below will prove to be helpful to you when you have a dog with seizures:

Keep your dog downstairs – If you have an upstairs and downstairs home, then you want to take all the steps necessary to keep your dog from going onto the upstairs level. Otherwise, you will have to worry about the dog having a seizure while they are going up or down the stairs. If this was to happen, then they can end up taking a big fall down the stairs and really getting hurt.

Cover sharp corners on furniture – If you have furniture in your home that has sharp corners or edges, you want to tape foam over these areas or take other steps to remove the dangers those areas can cause if your dog were to have a seizure while near them. This will prevent them from being seriously injured on those sharp edges.

Don't take your dog to isolated areas – If you used to take your dog to remote and isolated areas to go on walks, you might want to avoid doing this once you know they are prone to seizures. If you do walk them in isolated areas away from your car and they have a severe seizure, then you will find yourself having a hard time getting them back to the car.

Don't put your dog in situations where they may become overstimulated – When your dog is overstimulated or extremely anxious, they may have an increased risk of having a seizure. For this reason, you should try to provide your dog with a stable environment where they aren't overwhelmed.

Have someone dog sit when you are going to be gone a while – If you are going to be away from home for many hours then you want to see about having someone come over and check in on your dog, so you know it will be treated as soon as possible if it does have a serious seizure or gets hurt during one.

See about medicating your dog – The vet may be able to put your dog on medication that will decrease the chances of them having as many seizures. You can also talk to your vet about giving your dog cannabis to help keep their seizure disorder under control. Contact a company like Ellevet Sciences for more information and assistance.