3 Essential Items to Bring with You When Traveling with Your Dog

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Have you decided you would like to go on vacation with your dog? Instead of leaving your pet at the kennel for a few weeks, you may want to make sure your pup is able to have a good time with you while traveling. There are some essential items you should always bring while traveling with a pet, especially if you want to make sure it is as safe and comfortable as possible the whole time.

1. Pet-Friendly First-Aid Kit

If an accident occurs, it is best to be prepared for it ahead of time. You can put together your own first-aid kit for your pup before leaving for your vacation. The kit should include any medication your pet currently takes, along with gauze, hydrogen peroxide, and ice packs. The gauze and ice packs may come in handy if your dog is accidentally injured during the vacation. The hydrogen peroxide may be put to good use if your pet accidentally eats something it was not supposed to because then you could induce vomiting to get that toxic food out of its system right away. You can include as many other items as you would like in your first-aid kit too.

2. Custom-Engraved Dog-Identification Tag

Your dog may currently wear a collar with a tag that has its name and your home address displayed on it. However, you might want to consider getting an identification tag engraved with a few additional details, such as your phone number and the address to the hotel or condo you will be staying at during your vacation. If your dog accidentally got loose and managed to run off while in an unknown area, someone who is driving or even walking past might spot your pet and be able to stop and see the information on the dog tag. This is a great way to make sure your pet has a greater chance of being returned to you if it gets out, even while on a vacation. Talk to a copmany such as Pet Novo to get one of these tags.

3. Toys and Comfort Items

You may be bringing several comfort items with you on your trip, so why not make sure your dog has plenty of comfort items during the trip? These items may include a special pet bed that it normally uses at home, a favorite chew toy, and some of your dog's favorite snacks. Your pet may feel much less anxious because of the comfort items you choose to bring along for it.

If you are bringing your dog on vacation, make sure you have a first-aid kit, a custom-engraved identification tag, and plenty of comfort items for your precious pet. You never know when these items might come in handy.