What Type Of Food Is Right For Your Dog?

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Your dog's health is important to you, and a key component of your dog's health is their diet. While shopping for pet supplies, you've probably noticed the litany of types of dog food that exist out there. Which type of dog food or diet is right for your dog? Read on, and discover just a few types of dog foods and diets that might be right for your beloved pet.

Vet Diets

These are diets that are specifically coordinated by your veterinarian and may have treating a specific ailment or health related issue in mind. Dogs that are suffering from liver disease, renal failure, or urinary disease often have to have diets that are specifically tailored to their particular needs. In no case should your pet adhere to a veterinarian's diet unless you have been instructed to by your veterinarian. Diets that are strong for one ailment – such as a decrease in protein for dogs suffering from renal failure – can be quite harmful to otherwise healthy pets.

Dry Food

Dry food, or kibble, is definitely the least expensive option to feed your animal and perhaps the most common. One of the biggest advantages of this food is that it need not be refrigerated, as it does not spoil for a long, long time. Not only this, but dry food is often quite healthy for your dog. It especially serves to keep your dog's teeth nice and strong, since chewing harder items can reduce the amount of tartar on their teeth.

Raw Diet

Although dogs have plenty of enzymes to break down raw food, it is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before switching to a completely raw diet. A raw diet can have a number of health benefits for your dog, including an increase in both calcium and phosphorous. A raw diet consists of raw meat, organs, and uncooked bones.

Canned Wet Food

Canned wet food can be an expensive option when it comes to feeding your dog, but many people consider the rewards well worth the expense. It also does not spoil for a long time until it is opened, so an extended shelf life adds to the value of this cuisine. Make sure, however, that you purchase a brand that is high in protein and does not contain a surplus of water. Cheaper, off brand canned wet food often times is not particularly high in protein and simply contains too much water. This may lead to your dog feeling particularly lethargic throughout the day.

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