Got Australian Shepherds That Live In Your Home? How To Calm Them Down

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Australian shepherds are known as herding dogs and used on many farms to herd sheep and other livestock. People also have these dogs as pets that live inside their home. If you have two Australian shepherds, you likely have two very energetic dogs. Below are some tips on how you can help calm them down, at least for a while.

Give Them Dog Treats

When your dogs are running around your home, jumping up on everything, they will stop if you hand them a treat. When purchasing treats, look for treats that will take them some time to chew on. They will then concentrate a lot of their energy on the treat instead of your home. Elk antler dog treats are unique and will take your dogs days to finish them up by chewing on them. You can buy antlers for dogs online or at some pet stores.

There are also toys you can purchase that allow you to put a treat inside. For example, you can put something like peanut butter inside the toy. Once your dogs get a sniff of it, they will work very hard to get it out. Fortunately, this will take them a lot of time. You will not have to worry about a mess, because by the time they get to the peanut butter, it has likely been mostly licked away. 

Separate Them

Separate your dogs for a certain amount of time, such as an hour, once per day. This lets each dog spend quality time with you, and they will likely be much more calm because they will not have their playmate.

To do this, you can put up a dog gate so they cannot leave a room. An Australian shepherd may be able to jump a gate or find some other way out because they are very intelligent dogs. Make sure the gate is durable, secure, and tall enough. If the dogs are still small, you could use a crate to keep them separated.

Give each dog about an hour's worth of your time. Do this at the same time every day, as dogs like to have a schedule. They will likely look forward to this time, and each dog can get some peace and quiet.

Besides doing these two things, you need to make sure your dogs get enough exercise. This will help tire them out. Go for walks with them each day, or if you have a large backyard, let them run at least once a day. Obedience training is also something you may want to consider.