4 Doggy Supplies To Have On Hand Before Bringing Home A Beagle Puppy

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With an adorably irresistible set of puppy-dog eyes and long, droopy ears, beagle puppies are hard to resist bringing home as a pet. Before you get carried away and snatch up a puppy to snuggle and call your own, there are a few doggy supplies you should have on hand at home. Be ready to handle this popular canine breed by finding an online retailer, like Scrappys Corner, and ordering a few necessities.

1. Puppy Training Pads - You may be able to get these at the local pet supply store, but go ahead and order a bulk supply of puppy training pads online. Beagles are highly intelligent, but they are also highly scent driven. Therefore, house breaking this little rascal will involve a lot of trial and error. Your new puppy is naturally going to want to make your home smell more like his own and will often do this by peeing on the floor, corners, or furniture.  

2. Healthy Doggy Treats - Because beagles are led more by their scent capabilities than anything else, the smell of a good treat is often the best way to get their attention. Beagles are prone to obesity, however, so make sure the treats you have to offer are made of only the healthiest ingredients. At least if you do get a little over-zealous with the treats, you will not have to be as concerned that you are contributing to a weight problem with your new beagle. 

3. Chew Toys - All puppies like to chew and it is part of their natural development that is hard to avoid, but beagles don't just like to chew, they love to play. This highly enthusiastic and active breed will need plenty of toys around to occupy all of that excess energy. Therefore, get a few good chew toys that your beagle puppy can chase and play with when they do get to their new home. 

4. A Durable and Short Walking Leash - Your beagle puppy may not be too keen on the idea of a walking leash at first, but eventually taking a walk outdoors will be one of their favorite things to do. The only thing you should know is beagles can get a little wired when they do get outside. All of the smells could have them trying to walk you, and in spite of their smaller stature, they can sometimes be determined enough to sniff something out that they will do a pretty good job. Invest in a good and sturdy walking leash that is a little short until your beagle is better trained.