Getting Tanked: Custom Aquarium Designers That Create Fantastic Tanks For Your Bar

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If you have never seen an episode of the cable TV reality show, Tanked, you are missing out on some of the most incredible fish tanks ever made. The tanks these guys custom design and build wrap around themes, shapes and favorite things belonging to the clients that request them. With the onslaught of "live mermaid" tanks in some bars and tropical fish tanks in other bars, you may want to follow suit and put your own custom aquarium in behind your bar. You can take your ideas from shows like Tanked, or just do one of the following.

Apply to Be on the Show

You could just apply to be on the TV show, too. If your "audition" tape and application are accepted as one of the projects that the show's designers want to do, you would be guaranteed a custom fish tank behind your bar. Such a tank would definitely put your bar on the map and get customers to come in from all over to see the custom tank that was built and shown on TV. While you await the remote possibility of that prize, engage several other custom aquarium designers and see what it is they have to offer.

Hire Your Local Custom Aquarium Designers

The closer you live to the ocean or large bodies of water, the more likely you will find custom aquarium designers. This is due, in part, to the fact that aquarium designers and builders have plenty of work from public aquariums, zoos and sea animal shows. Some of these aquarium designers may be willing to travel farther inland than the coastal regions to help you design and build a tank for your bar, but you may have to pay their travel expenses too. Try to find the designer that is closest to you or a designer that will not charge you travel expenses.

Consult with a Pet Store and Build Your Own

Pet stores sell many of the traditional tank shapes, but you will have to special order anything that is particularly large. Consult with an employee about large tank support systems if you want your tank to be elevated above waist height behind your bar. There are some very nice cabinets you can buy on which to place a large fish tank, and you will need one or more of these to support your tank. You can hire a construction contractor to help you remodel the area behind your bar to accommodate the fish tank too.