3 Often-Overlooked Pet Supplies For First-Time Parrot Owners

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If you're the first-time owner of a pet parrot, you'll want to find a pet store that sells supplies for birds and exotics. While the staples such as food, snacks and cages are a given, parrots need stimulating activities and toys, as well as a place to play outside the cage. Here are a few important pet supplies for your new feathered friend that a new parrot owner might overlook:

1. Toys Your Parrot Can Destroy

Yes, you've read that correctly. Unlike the soft, "stuffed" toys designed for dogs, bird toys must be strong enough to withstand the powerful beak of your parrot. In the wild, parrots chew and destroy bark from trees, as it helps keep their bills trim and conditioned.

As a first-time parrot owner, you might not realize the importance of providing toys your new pet can shred and destroy. These not only help trim the beak, it simulates the activity birds seek in their natural environment. Hang mineral block toys in the cage to condition beaks, colorful wood toys in non-toxic colors, and toys made for shedding. Seek and destroy toys may also "hide" treats inside, and this provides a foraging aspect birds enjoy.

Birds need this stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive habits such as feather plucking or chewing on your furniture. Be sure all toys you provide are labeled as "bird safe". Beware of ropes which can fray and become tangled around your bird's feet.

2. A Playpen or Play Gym for Exercise

Some first-time parrot owners don't realize that these intelligent and active creatures need time out of the cage for exercise and socialization. No matter how large a bird cage may be, you need to provide some type of parrot play gym with perches. Here's what to look for:

Depending upon the size of your parrot, choose a tabletop model or freestanding parrot playpen. Either way, it should be made with untreated wood perches in various widths. The perches should be spaced apart, allowing the bird the room to spread its wings. Whether you choose a playground or play stand "tree", look for eye hooks to attach toys. Some playpens also have food and water cups attached. The platform or base should be made of a laminate material that may be wiped clean.

3. Parrot First Aid Kit

Your parrot first aid kit should contain a styptic powder or pencil to stop bleeding from broken blood feathers, as well as needle nose pliers. Why might you need the pliers? In the even your bird does break a blood feather, you might need to remove the feather to prevent excessive blood loss. Your avian vet can demonstrate the correct way to do this with needle nose pliers.

As a first-time parrot owner, you should keep the above mentioned tips in mind as you shop for supplies. Keep your feathered friend happy, healthy and safe and enjoy the companionship for a long time to come.

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