Want A Pet Snake? 2 Types That Would Make Great Pets

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If you want a pet snake, you need to be careful about the type of snake you purchase. Some snakes are more dangerous and more difficult to take care of. There are snakes, however, that would make great pets for you, such as the two snakes below.

Corn Snake

Corn snakes do not eat a lot and you only need to feed them approximately every eight to 10 days. This cuts down on your food costs, which means saving money. Corn snakes also have no dander, which makes them the perfect pet for someone with allergies.

Corn snakes are generally not aggressive and you can hold them with no problems. These snakes can reach up to five feet. The male corn snakes are generally longer than the female.

To care for a corn snake, you will need things like a fish tank that is approximately 35 gallons to give it room to move around. You also need a lid for the tank that locks securely.

The water bowl you purchase should be large enough for your curl snake to soak in, as well as to drink from. Snakes like to hide at times, so put a hide box in the tank.

Corn snakes eat mice, and you can purchase frozen or live mice at a pet store.  They like live mice better but can get used to eating frozen mice that have thawed out. You can find corn snakes for sale at most pet stores.

Gopher Snake

If you walk into your backyard and look around, you may see a gopher snake. You can purchase gopher snakes though classifieds and pet stores. The price for a gopher snake is generally low and they come in a variety of pattern and colors.

A gopher snake reaches up to seven feet and up to four pounds in weight.  Most gopher snakes are docile and will not mind if you pick them up.

You need to make sure you have a very secure fish tank or other enclosure for your gopher snake because they are very curious and will try to venture out. A fish tank that is approximately 20 to 25 gallons will work well for this snake. They are very active snakes, so they would not be happy with any tank that is smaller than this.

Place a thick layer of wood shavings on the bottom of the tank as gopher snakes enjoy burrowing. As with the corn snake, make sure their water bowl is large enough for them to curl up in. The bowl should be heavy enough so the snake does not knock it over as they are getting in and out of it.

Gopher snakes have a big appetite and will eat just about anything you offer them. Offering mice about once a week should be fine. They don't mind eating frozen mice that have been thawed.

Talk with an employee at a pet store, who can give you much more information about these two snakes.